B2B marketplace Aumet purchases Uniorders to bring the healthcare suppliers together in Jordan

B2B marketplace Aumet purchases Uniorders to bring the healthcare suppliers together in Jordan

Aumet is a leading company that helps to link the healthcare B2B establishments (manufacturers, distributors, and providers) into a well-organized business chain. Being a strategic player on the market, the company has recently struck a deal and purchased the Uniorders – a B2B healthcare marketplace in Jordan, Amman. 

Ironically the acquisition was triggered by an infamous pandemic of the COVID-19, when Uniorders experienced rapid growth with the number of pharmacies using the platform for their business increasing up to almost 3,000, and the number of months transactions extending to 50,000. 

What do Aumet and Uniorders have to offer to a global audience?

The business set-up of Uniorders has aligned with Aumet’s mission to connect healthcare providers, as the latter has two major offerings for the industry:

  • B2B marketing platform, to connect healthcare manufacturers and distributors, providing the latest market know-how to them, and helping them to promote their offers.
  • B2B marketplace, to connect healthcare distributors and providers within a universal marketplace, helping them to find the best matching business partners.

The Uniorders, in turn, provides a channel and an order management platform to connect pharmacies and warehouses. The pharmacists get easier access to the information and an easier way to order the products, which facilitates the ordering process in general.

The acquisition will allow Aumet to access the remote healthcare providers in Jordan, and to increase the coverage and the product portfolio. As of now, both sides seem to be thrilled with the new integration.

Yahya Aqel, Co-Founder and CEO of Aumet: “In Aumet we believe in a win-win strategy. We strongly believe that this acquisition will help us to bring more stories of success to the country and to the region in general, and to close the existing gaps in the healthcare industry.” 

Shahed Jaber, Founder and CEO of Uniorders: “Our union with Aumet will help all the healthcare suppliers to get much easier to access to resources, products, and tools within the industry.”

The next strategic move Aumet is currently working on is the extension of its offer to one of the nearest neighbors, the UAE.

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