Keep Your Eyes Safe Under Hazardous Conditions- Use Medical Safety Goggles

Keep Your Eyes Safe Under Hazardous Conditions- Use Medical Safety Goggles

Eye injuries in the workplace are very common. Across the globe, millions of people are rushed to the hospitals daily due to eye-injuries at workplaces, which can be prevented with simple safety measures. Safety experts and eye doctors suggest that using the right kind of eye protection reduces these risks and incidents by a great number.

Workers face eye injuries at the workplace mostly for two major reasons that are: not wearing the right type of eye protective gear or no protection at all.

    You are not safe if…

If you are exposed to the following things at the workplace, you are not safe:

  • Projectiles (dust, concrete, metal, wood and other particles)
  • Chemicals (splashes and fumes)
  • Radiation (especially visible light, ultraviolet radiation, heat or infrared radiation, and lasers)
  • Bloodborne pathogens (hepatitis or HIV) from blood and body fluids

The current scenario…

As we know that coronavirus enters the body by having contact with the mucous membranes, you are vulnerable if:

1. You have close contact with people who have it.

2. You get contact with the airborne droplets when someone infected, sneezes, or coughs nearby.

3. If you touch some contaminated surface and afterward touch your mouth, nose, or eyes.

Things to do…

If you are dealing with any of the above, you need to do the following measure immediately:

  1. Identify all those possible dangers at your workplace, damaging your eyes.
  2. Take all possible precautions before starting your work in a hazardous environment. For this, machine guards, work screens, or other engineering controls can be used.
  3. Select the suitable eye protection as per the need of your work.
  4. Select a good quality safety eyewear. Keep it in good condition and avoid using it in case of any damage to it.

How to get good quality Googles?

To get the right safety eyewear as per the requirements of your work, you should look for several important features.

1. High impact rating: Many jobs have requirements in which particles are flying at high velocity containing the risk of getting hit anywhere, including eyes as well. These injuries can even cause permanent damage to the eyes. Due to such high risks, safety goggles are required to pass the high mass impact test. It is mandatory to prioritize the safety of the wearer. The ratings of the safety goggles are decided based on that mass impact test giving it a positive rate with the degrees of its quality and vice versa. It is always advisable to go for the positive ratings if you see medical safety goggles for sale.

2. The right fit: If your goggles are comfortable, it will keep you relaxed and focused at work instead of making you adjust them again and again. The distractions of adjusting your googles might lead you to many unexpected dangers and delays. Most safety googles companies offer designs, sizes, and adjustable fits, giving you enough choice to select the required material.

3. Filters: Sometimes, you have to deal with material that involves lasers or other radiations harmful to the eyes. In such situations where high radiation exposure is expected, always the lens with the capability to resist maximum rays are advised.  You must double-check with the material you work with before buying to ensure the right filter.

4. Ability to work with prescription eyewear: Many of us are required to wear some form of the corrective lens in our daily lives. In such situations, you are required to keep the corrective lenses on even when you are wearing protective goggles. The safety glasses must have the required quality so that it caters to these needs as well. The lens should be clear enough so that the vision is not blurred with the double filters in such cases. When you see Medical Safety Goggles for sale, pay careful attention to your prescription eyewear needs.

5. Style: This might sound unprofessional, but your safety google should have the style that suits you perfectly, especially in jobs where you are required to meet many people, especially in the marketing field. This boosts up your confidence and reduces your urge to use avoid any ugly-looking getup compromising your productivity. Luckily, safety gear producers cater to styling needs as well. So, go buy whatever suits you and your job the best!

6. Reviews: If you don’t know the right fit, ask around. Those in the same job as yours would give you tailored feedback based on the right safety eyewear for you. Before you go to any outlet that offers Medical Safety Goggles for sale, you should read several user reviews. They can be in any form; online reviews or review sites focused on safety gear. Read them carefully and compared them with your work requirements. If the eyewear review fits your needs, your job is half done.

7. Durability: Since these medicated products are quite expensive, you need to buy the product the bears the test of time and withstand tough conditions. It must be strong and durable enough to endure the field pressures. If the safety goggles wear out quickly, then that is not the right brand for you in the longer run.

8. Design: Many other aspects must be kept in mind depending on the nature of your work. But along with them, some general conditions are also to be met. Your safety goggles must be lightweight and made of comfortable material. In case of some customized needs, the lens must be kept precisely to your own requirement. Also, your goggles should have a wrap-around seal and built-in nosepiece, giving you full protection against splash from all angles. Your goggles should be fitted enough, but there must be properly placed vents for coolness along with the solid side shields. Your job is too important for you to keep your life routines going. But your safety should be your priority in case you are in a field exposing you to these hazards.  Stay safe, and keep your eyes safe!

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