Top 3 Medical Distributors in the USA for 2020

Top 3 Medical Distributors in the USA for 2020

If you’re running a healthcare or medicine facility, you want to make sure that it is stocked with all the necessary medical products. Additionally, you also need to provide exceptional patient care and protect your staff by providing them with the required equipment. For that matter, it is imperative to know about all the reliable and largest medical distributors providing the best medical products and equipment. You will get the best medical supplies. It will definitely also help you to increase your medical sales. Here are three of the best and most reliable medical supply distributors in the USA. They can definitely help you to support your clinic, office, or medical facility.

Henry Schein is Our Third and Last Top USA’s Medical Distributor Pick

Henry Schein serves a very big portion of individual providers, and that’s why sometimes it is also regarded as the largest international healthcare distributor. The process to start your business with Henry Schein is an exceptionally amazing experience. Because all you need to do is to create a free account on their website, and that’s about it. But first, you need to check its reviews on the internet. It will allow you to figure out if it’s the medical distributor that you want in the USA. It is one of the best medical distributors to work especially when it comes to supporting.

Key Information

  • Creation Date: Henry Schein Inc. has been working since 1932 as a medical distributor that especially serves multiple arrays of medical facilities.
  • Annual Turnover: the annual Turnover of Henry Schein is $13.2 billion per last year’s report.
  • Number of Employees: Henry Schein has over 20,000 employees worldwide.
  • Head Office: The head office of Henry Schein is at 135 Duryea Road Melville, NY 11747 Melville, New York, United States.
  • Medical Lines: The medical lines of Henry Schein are small Equipment supplies, equipment management software, digital technology services, and repair services, occupational healthcare centers, dialysis centers, emergency centers, etcetera.
  • Main Products: Henry Scheindeals with technology products and dental equipment, medical office setup, dental space design, dental equipment leasing, and financing services, dental equipment repair, etcetera.
  • Market Share: Henry Schein has a market capitalization of 8.39 billion US dollars.
  • Other Important Aspect: Henry Schein is the largest international healthcare distributor of medical supplies.
  • Presence in Countries: Henry Schein is astonishingly working with complete stability in more than 190 countries.
  • Total Number of Products: Henry Schein deals with 120,000 branded products.
  • Renowned Manufacturing partners: The most famous manufacturing partners that work with Henry Schein are Integra Miltex, Midmark, and Ritter, Welch Allyn, Ethicon, Dukal, Beckman Coulter, etcetera.

AmerisourceBergen is Our Second Best pick for the USA’s Medical Distributor

The main focus of AmerisourceBergen is on the array of services and solutions to support physician practices, healthcare systems, medical distributors, and pharmacies. It supplies all the required products and solutions reliably and quickly. You can find its employees and other partners in order to figure out their experiences. Moreover, to understand their working process and experience, you can always check out the reviews. Their current or previous partners tell a lot about any renowned online network. Most of the people say that they exceptionally work at the intersection of professionalism, diversity, and determination.

Key Information

  • Creation Date: AmerisourceBergen was created back in 1985, and it has been progressing by leaps and bounds for the last three and a half decades.
  • Annual Turnover: The annual revenue of AmerisourceBergen is amazingly 179 billion US dollars.
  • Number of Employees: AmerisourceBergen currently has 65,000 employees working across the globe for the company.
  • Head Office: The headquarter or AmerisourceBergen is in Chesterbrook, 1300 Morris Dr, Chesterbrook, PA 19087, Pennsylvania, United States.
  • Medical Lines: The most important medical line AmerisourceBergen is working are medical, drugs and pharmacy services, animal health, pharmacies, medical facilities
  • Market Share: The total market share of AmerisourceBergen is about 19.76 billion dollars currently.
  • Other Important Aspect: AmerisourceBergen handles 20 percent of all of the medical products in the US, which are sold and distributed.
  • Presence in Countries: AmerisourceBergen is currently working in 52 different countries with complete stability.
  • Renowned Manufacturing partners: The most famous manufacturing partners that work with AmerisourceBergen are ASD Healthcare, Besse Medical, Cubixx Solutions, HealthForward, Innomar also Strategies.

Our Best Pick For the USA’s Medical Distributor is McKesson

McKesson offers a vast array of products to support professionals and medical centers, from surgical supplies, post-acute care to gloves, syringes, and also masks. McKesson also offers support to healthcare systems, including inventory management and supply chain technology. It’s undoubtedly one of the most powerful and leading Texas-based wholesale medical supply corporations. Additionally, check out their employees and reviews from any renowned platform. It will provide you with the idea if it’s a perfect match for your medical facility. As far as the reviews from other people are concerned, McKesson is an exceptional medical distributor.

Key Information

  • Creation Date: McKesson was founded back in 1833, and its portfolio features large healthcare enterprises.
  • Annual Turnover: The annual Turnover of McKesson is over 214 billion US dollars.
  • Number of Employees: The total number of McKesson’s employees worldwide is over 80,000.
  • Head Office: The head office of McKesson is at 4836 Southridge Blvd, Memphis, TN 38141, Irving, Texas, United States.
  • Medical Lines: The medical lines of McKesson are surgical supplies, post-acute care to gloves, syringes, masks, and more.
  • Main Products: The most famous medical products and equipment that McKesson produces are McKesson Brand, McKesson Medical-Surgical, McKesson Packaging Services, McKesson Plasma, and Biologics, McKesson Specialty, 21st Century Nutritional Products, etcetera.
  • Market Share: The total market share of McKesson is about 24.09 billion US dollars, according to 2019.
  • Other Important Aspect: McKesson offers over 4000 products only through the private label, and in 95 percent of the USA, and it provides you with the next-day delivery.
  • Presence in Countries: McKesson is present in 16 different countries worldwide.
  • Renowned Manufacturing partners: The most famous manufacturing partners that work with McKesson are Sterling Drug Tanox Trubion, Upjohn, Verus, Vion, Viro Pharma, Wyeth, also Zonite.

Final Word on the Top 3 Medical Distributors in the USA for 2020

Getting in touch with these medical distributors in 2020. It will allow you to stay at the very top of your inventory and order management. You will be able to know what medical products you need. It will also enable you to treat your patients with exceptional care.

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