Aumet Core

About Us

rethinking healthcare business

Aumet has been the ultimate connection between manufacturers, distributors, and healthcare providers, allowing each one of them to increase their sales by providing the right data information to take decisions.

In order to achieve the goal, Aumet provides multi-solution product that allows all parties to exchange information and make business deals.

Our Vision

The largest B2B solution that supports healthcare companies with their business making-decisions and performance

We strongly believe that technology radically improve decision making and performance in the healthcare industry. For this reason we are building the largest platform for healthcare manufacturers, distributors and providers. This platform will help them promote themselves globally, acquire the best products and services on the market, and access essential information for critical business decisions.

Our Values

These are the behaviors we prize everyday from everyone in the company.


We listen to everyone. We don't deceive anyone. We are transparent with all company decisions and information. We let everyone make their own decisions.

Shared Success

The best teams share success together. All our employees own a share in the company and its success. Everyone behaves like a shareholder and puts all their energy to their goals.


We are at our best when we continously change. At personal level, this lets us grow into the best version of ourselves. At company level, this puts us at the edge of innovation and experimentation.

Our Market

our users are from the healthcare industry

Healthcare Manufacturers

Manufacturers of drugs, equipment, disposables, laboratory equipment, cosmetics and nutritional supplements, covering all varieties of medical specialties.

Healthcare Distributors

Distributors of medical products who are responsible to represent the manufacturers in their countries and sell the products to healthcare providers.

Healthcare Providers

Entities that provide patients with healthcare services, by using or reselling medical products, such as hospitals, clinics and pharmacies.

Our Products

Products are the soltions offered to our users

Aumet OnEx

OnEx is short for Online Exhibition, a platform where manufacturers, distributors, and end users connect for business.

Aumet Marketplace

Marketplace allows healthcare providers to order their supplies from local distributors and warehouses.

Aumet VeX

VeX is a multi-day virtual online medical exhibition that allows attendees to connect live and discuss business.

Our Leadership

The team that moves the ship

Yahya Aqel


Jamal Abu Samra

Business Unit Manager

Shahed Jaber

Business Unit Manager

Naresh Sohal

VP of Product

Mohammad Issa

Product Manager

Alaa Al Atrash

VP of Technology

Florian Ughetto

VP of Digital Marketing