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About Aumet

Aumet is dedicated to providing tailored solutions that enhances the performance of healthcare providers, operating in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Egypt.

It is a Saudi company that was Originally established in the United States, Aumet is now the largest B2B healthcare solution provider that supports companies with their business decisions and performance. 

Aumet facilitates the exchange of data between healthcare providers, manufacturers, and distributors to enable them to take the right decision.


The largest B2B solution that supports healthcare companies with their business making-decisions and performance.

We believe in the transformative power of technology to enhance decision-making and performance in healthcare. Through our platform, we enable healthcare manufacturers, distributors, and providers to access the latest products and services, gain global exposure, and make informed business decisions with essential data.


We bridge the gaps in the healthcare industry by digitalizing the ordering process between, suppliers and health care providers.

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Welcome to Aumet

Aumet is a distinguished Arab technology company established in the United States. We specialize in providing innovative technology solutions that contribute to enhancing the sustainability of the healthcare sector and improving pharmaceutical availability. Operating in Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, and Egypt, we are proud to have been recently selected as part of the Future100 list for 2023 in the UAE.

Aumet focuses on developing innovative digital products using artificial intelligence, aiming to assist pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, distributors, and both private and public healthcare sectors. Today, more than 12,000 pharmacies worldwide rely on Aumet solutions to efficiently and effectively conduct their operations.

Aumet solutions aim to enhance pharmaceutical availability and security by providing real-time intelligent alerts and reports for all operations. Additionally, we utilize artificial intelligence predictions in inventory management to mitigate drug shortages in the healthcare sector.

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Our Mission

To bridge the gaps in the healthcare
industry by digitalizing the ordering
process between suppliers and
healthcare providers.

Our Vision:

To become the world’s largest B2B healthcare marketplace.

Our values

Openness, Shared Success, Antifragility, Hard work

Our Offices

Our offices witness tangible achievements throughout our journey since our establishment in 2016. We have succeeded in accomplishing numerous pioneering achievements and accolades, alongside conducting successful global funding rounds, achieving successful acquisitions, launching new products, and expanding into new markets. Our offices also witness significant technological advancements, coupled with our active presence in various markets such as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Jordan, and Egypt.




Saudi Arabia

Pharmaceutical Solutions System

The system helps in managing the pharmacy and facilitates accurate planning, thus contributing to its constant availability. Additionally, it connects pharmacies with suppliers, making their management, sourcing, and ordering more efficient and streamlined.

How the marketplace homepage interface would look on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or computer.

System for warehouses and pharmaceutical manufacturers

aumet contributes by providing technological solutions for warehouses and manufacturing companies, aiming to enhance their management strategies and provide accurate performance indicators.

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