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Drug Track and Trace for pharmaceutical products (RSD)


Drug Track and Trace System for pharmaceutical products (RSD)

The Saudi Arabian government and Authority has implemented various regulations to improve healthcare services and promote trade. These regulations include systems like the Drug Track and Trace System for pharmaceutical products ( RSD ), Wasfaty, and the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority.


As part of its efforts to support Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, the Saudi Food & Drug Authority has introduced the Drug Track & Trace System (RSD).


Through the utilization of innovative technologies, the Saudi Food & Drug Authority is implementing a system to track all pharmaceutical products.

These products include products produced within Saudi Arabia as well as those imported from other countries.


The implementation of Drug Track and Trace system strengthens the Saudi Food & Drug Authority’s role in safeguarding society and ensuring the safety of all pharmaceutical products.



This is generally accomplished by tracking the origin of pharmaceutical products from the manufacturing stage to their consumption.




Wasfaty is a cutting-edge electronic service designed to elevate the quality of healthcare services and ensure the accessibility of medications.



It links hospitals and primary healthcare centers with community pharmacies.

Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority:

The consolidation of the General Authority of Zakat and Tax and the General Customs Authority into a single entity was initiated through a decision made by the Council of Ministers.

The merged entity is responsible for the collection of Zakat, taxes, and customs duties.

It focuses on achieving optimal taxpayer compliance through the implementation of best practices.


Similarly, the authority is responsible for organizing and managing all activities related to ports and customs operations to achieve the highest level of compliance.

The authority is also tasked with overseeing and coordinating all operations and activities pertaining to ports and customs.

This happens with the objective of attaining the utmost level of compliance.


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