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Top 10 Startups in Jordan to Watch


Jordan is fast becoming a hotspot for innovative startups, showcasing the country’s potential in technology and entrepreneurship. Here are ten startups that are making significant impacts in their respective fields and are poised for remarkable growth.

1. WashyWash – Eco-Friendly Cleaning

WashyWash is revolutionizing the laundry industry in Jordan by offering an eco-friendly, on-demand cleaning service. The company uses biodegradable materials and non-toxic cleaning agents, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional laundry services. Their app-based service model ensures convenience for users, making WashyWash a standout in the eco-friendly startup scene​​.

2. DeepScale App – Health Tech Innovation

DeepScale App is at the forefront of health technology with its innovative approach to body fat measurement. By allowing users to take a selfie to estimate their body fat percentage, DeepScale App makes fitness tracking more accessible and user-friendly. This technology leverages advanced algorithms and image processing to provide accurate health insights​​.

3. STEAM Hub – Educational Marketplace

STEAM Hub serves as a crucial link between schools and educators, focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). This educational marketplace aims to create opportunities for a richer, more diverse learning environment, preparing students with essential interdisciplinary skills and digital literacy for the future​.

4. ViaVii – Personalized Travel Experiences

ViaVii is redefining the travel industry by offering personalized travel experiences that connect tourists with local cultures and communities. This platform goes beyond typical tourist attractions, providing curated local experiences that emphasize personal connections and cultural immersion​.

5. Edzance – EdTech Management

Edzance simplifies the integration and management of educational technology in schools. By offering a comprehensive platform for managing edtech resources, Edzance enhances the educational process, ensuring technology becomes a seamless and empowering part of learning.

6. The World of Plants for Smart Solutions – AI in Agriculture

The World of Plants for Smart Solutions uses artificial intelligence to revolutionize plant healthcare. Their app allows users to diagnose plant diseases by taking a photo of a leaf, providing instant insights and recommendations for organic treatments. This innovation is particularly valuable for farmers and gardeners​​.

7. Coach You – Arabic Online Coaching

Coach You is the first online coaching platform dedicated to Arabic speakers. Offering a range of services from career guidance to personal development, Coach You addresses the unique cultural context of its users, making coaching more accessible and inclusive for the Arab world​​.

8. Frata App – Micro-Savings Solution

Frata App helps users convert their spare change from daily transactions into savings, promoting financial responsibility. By linking with users’ accounts and rounding up purchase amounts, Frata App simplifies the saving process, turning small change into significant savings.

9. Aumet – Pharmaceutical B2B Platform

Aumet is a groundbreaking pharmaceutical B2B platform that connects pharmacies with suppliers, offering real-time inventory management and streamlined procurement processes. Aumet’s innovative solutions enhance efficiency and ensure better supply chain management in the pharmaceutical industry​​.

10. Loyalty Drones – Cutting-Edge Media Production

Loyalty Drones is a media production company based in Amman, specializing in aerial drone filming. Founded in 2023, Loyalty Drones provides high-quality visual content for real estate, events, and marketing campaigns. Their technical expertise and artistic vision set them apart in the media production industry​​.

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